Lithium Ion Li-Ion Pack City Scooter Electric E Bike Bicycle Battery 72V 20AH

Lithium Ion Li-Ion Pack City Scooter Electric E Bike Bicycle Battery 72V 20AH

Lithium Ion Li-Ion Pack City Scooter Electric E Bike Bicycle Battery 72V 20AH

Introducing our premium 72v 20ah lithium battery, the ideal power source for a wide range of small electric motor applications including electric bikes and e-scooters. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, this lithium battery is compatible with electric motors ranging from 1000 to 3000 watts on a 72-volt circuit.

With an impressive 80% capacity retention even after 1500 cycles, this battery guarantees unparalleled dependability for years to come. Safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why our battery is equipped with a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) featuring comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities. This intelligent system safeguards against over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating, short-circuit, and temperature runaway, ensuring optimal safety for every application. Don't settle for anything less. Experience the ultimate power and exceptional quality of our lithium-ion battery, maximizing the potential of your electric motor. 72V 20AH Lithium Battery Features.

Utilizes advanced lithium-ion battery chemistry and cutting-edge technology. Remarkable energy density to weight ratio, providing superior power performance. Enhanced safety with built-in BMS to prevent over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating, short-circuit, and temperature runaway. Environmentally responsible construction, free from hazardous substances. Perfectly suited for various small electric vehicles, including electric bikes and e-scooters.

72V 20AH Lithium Battery Specifications. Battery type: Lithium-ion Battery Pack. Cell type: 5000mAh 21700 Cell.

Cell combination: 4 parallel 20 series. Maximum instantaneous discharge current: 100A. Maximum continuous discharge current: 50A. Life cycle: 1500 cycles (80% life). Charge ambient temperature: 0 to +45 degrees C. Discharge ambient temperature: -20 to +60 degrees C. Storage temperature: -10 to +45 degrees C. Built-in BMS: 50A continuous discharge (BMS customization available upon request).

Application: Suitable for 72V / 1000W up to a maximum of 3000W electric motors. Optional inclusion: 1x 84V 5A lithium battery charger. Some countries such as Brazil or South Africa can take much longer for items to arrive.

Please be patient and understand that once an order leaves our hands we cannot speed the process along. Sometimes items can arrive quicker than our guide suggests and sometimes they can arrive slower. All orders are sent from Hong Kong or China. We strive to answer questions within 48 hours. The Survival Island store is a business owned and operated by survival and wilderness entrepreneurs passionately motivated to expand the limits in the fields of survival, sustainability and personal independence.

We don't just sell products, we cultivate experimental ideas and revolutionary ways of living. We understand modern threats based on historical events and future projections, and thrive on taking the initiative to pre-emptively counter obstacles with practical solutions that work in real world scenarios. We love radical ideas, revolutionary projects, ground-breaking knowledge, and of course we are more than happy to pass on our expertise and information to you; as well as supply the highest quality and modern range of equipment and products on the market today.

We hope your exited to join us on our journey of learning, adventure and in achieving a high level of personal confidence and security necessary for survival in this modern and shifting world.

Lithium Ion Li-Ion Pack City Scooter Electric E Bike Bicycle Battery 72V 20AH

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