2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR

2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR
2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR
2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR
2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR
2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR
2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR
2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR
2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR

2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR

EBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike MFX PURE RASCAL MUDDYFOX 58.8v 17Ah 250 - 2000W MTX HUB MOTOR. The spokes have been replaced and upgraded to the same type used on Honda motorcycles. These are designed for motorcycles weighing way more the eBike, they should not break any time soon if at all. They come in stainless steel chrome style. I have included picture of the TFT display onto the handlebar with the control to show what it would look like with this setup (shown in pictures), but you can remove and store it in the front with the bag for a clean handlebar as previously shown.

The TFT display Settings page show the different types of variables that can be changed to modify the performance of the hub motor to your preference. The display also supports headlight feature with on/off.

Everything that comes with the eBike, comes in original packaging (motor, bag, bike rack), and extras included. Extras include additional parts that can provide personal preference, for example, you can choose to swap the hydraulic brakes for the cable brakes that have ebrake support (motor power cuts off when pressing the levers of the brakes which prevents you accelerating as you apply brakes). Can be collected ready to ride off or if you want, it can be dismantled for easy transport with everything in its original packaging.

If you want the bike dismantled, then everything will be put in their original packaging. The rear wheel will be provided with the eBike if you want to remove the motor wheel and attach the original rear wheel but please note, no tyre will be provided with the original rear wheel as it has been taken off and put onto the eBike hub motor, however, it will come with a spare inner tube. I have personally cleaned the eBike and parts properly and regularly during ownership, and applied lubrication where required. The chain lube is designed for wet weather, which means it does ok for dry, and very well for wet.

7 Speed Sprocket (21 speed total). MTX39 Ultra-strong rim designed for heavy-duty eBike hub motors. 58.8V 17Ah LG Battery = 1kW.

2000W / 40A max power. Keylock (locks battery to mounting bracket). Mounting bracket for bike downtube (fixes to bottle holder). Full Sine Wave smart controller (programmable using the TFT display). Max Voltage 14S Lithium (58.8V).

Pedal sensor (8 Magnet) and thumb throttle support. 1 x Ebrake support (not currently installed or compatible with hydraulic kit, this comes separate in a box with other stuff and you have to install yourself). Colour TFT display with handlebar on/off switch and controls for settings menu etc. Mountain Bike - All Original Components. Front wheel original MFX rim with JOY through-axle. Shimano Hydraulic Brakes Front + Back (I have tested both brakes and have gone from 30MPH to completely stopped in about 3-4 seconds). Anti-Skid Pedal (Feet feel securely in place when placing onto pedals, this is extremely important when riding a fast eBike or off-road). SR Suntour Front Fork with remote lock-on for suspension control. Easy to ride and feels smooth on road and off-road. High quality handlebar grip that holds steering bar.

Strong extension for front fork including 2 extra length screws for personal adjustment. Lock-on grips x 2 pairs (easy on/off without having to pull hard or use air pump to get them off). BikeMate seat, comfortable and sport.

Pedal-assist included and properly secured. Torque-arm included and properly secured. AXIOM bike rack included, rated to hold up to 50kg weight. ROCKBROS bag included to complement the AXIOM bike rack.

The bag is a 30L large and ultra-secure, can hold plenty of weight, up to around 15kg (may hold more but recommend not abusing the load capacity). Easily'grapples' onto bike rack, and has a part on the middle that keeps the bag from jumping or moving around when riding the bike. This part is adjustable horizontally if you want to position the bag closer or further away, it also means you can switch sides from left to right and flip the direction of this part.

Rear bag currently modified with added insulation to store hot or cold food. This can be removed if you want without damaging the bag.

The bag itself is designed to be 100% waterproof even in heavy rain. The bag also has a mesh pouch on the inside but this is only visible and accesible if the insulation is removed. No punctures or holes in the bag, no damage. The display is high tech with settings available and easy to navigate controls UP, SELECT (hold for power on/off), and DOWN.

It still has the film-protection attached to the screen. The display screen and controls are in excellent condition. This eBike comes with a thumb-throttle for no-pedal ride. The eBike is currently programmed to start on Level 1 everytime it is turned on, so it uses about 500w without pedalling and starts off smoothly, gradually increasing in speed and power input decreases after reaching maximum speed on the current level. Charger included for 58.8v 2A charging. This charges slowly which also prolongs battery lifespan and keeps temperature very low when charging. There is about 1-1.5cm space between battery and rear suspension, this is good, this means the battery can be taken off and put on without having to remove any screws, simply unlock with key and slide on or off. The battery does not need to be removed to be charged, it can stay locked into place and has a small rubber flap (for waterproof purposes) that can be conveniently pulled aside to plug charger.

7 speed cassette and 3 speed middle, 21 speed total pedal. Please note that the Shimano speed changer for rear came with an 8 speed rear wheel, and the eBike hub motor is 7 speed.

This is clearly mismatched but the rear gears are currently working on speed 3-4 perfectly, smoothly and you can easily pedal without using the motor. The speed I change if I want to pedal slowly is the middle speed. All the 3 gears in the middle work properly and I usually only ever change between 2 and 3 and hardly ever as I'm using the throttle mostly.

The changing of the gears is smooth without any issues. The hub motor freewheel has had a maintenance, cleaned properly and new grease applied internally. When pedalling, the freewheel feels firm and feels like it turns properly.

When using the motor and not pedaling, the freewheel allows the wheel to spin properly. Top speed with current controller settings reached 31.4MPH on slight incline with 92KG rider on full charge (hardly any wind that day, dry road). Motor achieved 1.67kWh maximum power, but this decreases as you approach the maximum speed of the current power level you are on.

Pedal-assist using around 210-255W, very easy to pedal. With this amount of power usage, the battery can last around just over 4 hours. Currently the motor performance is configured to take power from the battery slowly and efficiently, this prevents jumpy, dramatic power inputs. It gives a smooth ride.

This means the power delivered will be gradual when using the throttle. Current configuration limits the top speed from going over 32MPH but you can change this by entering the Settings menu (hold UP and DOWN after turning on within 5 seconds). Configuration of Controller and Motor Power. EBike is configured to turn on at Level 1 everytime it's turned on, this means the maximum speed is 15MPH (legal in UK for bike lanes), but this can be changed to higher level (up to level 5) if intended to be used for off-road use.

You can change the power level from 1 to 5 easily by pressing up or down on the control component as you ride, or if you want to start at a different level when you turn the eBike on, then you can configure it permanently (with each start/stop) like it currently is on Level 1 on the settings menu. You can enter the settings menu by holding UP and DOWN at the same time for 1 second as soon as you turn it on. The motor is rated for a maximum of 2000W meaning you can easily achieve more than 30MPH as long as the controller is configured to allow this, and as long as the controller can allow this. A manual in English will be provided for the controller settings.

The reason why I have configured the controller to take power from the battery in a slow, gradual way is to provide a smooth performance and avoid jumpy rides when applying power to the motor. This also helps in prolonging the battery life by only using power that is required, in other words, the power taken from the battery is not from 0 to 100 (which may cause degration of performance of battery much sooner than expected), so I have configured it in this way to prolong the life of the battery, and to keep the controller and motor working smoothly and in colder temperatures. All this prolongs the performance and lifespan of all components.

When using the thumb-throttle and pedal at the same time, you get instant full power available (currently at 1.67kWh), with 75Nm torque and smooth acceleration, meaning can reach more than 21 MPH in 3-4 seconds on full charge. You get instant Level 5 power without changing the settings, and when you stop using the thumb-throttle and pedal at the same time, the motors performance continues back to the power level it was previously on.

Is there anything wrong that affects the performance of the bike? No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the bike. These motors are known to last a long time even with daily use. I live on the 2nd floor in a flat with narrow stairs. This bike weighs around 30kg in total.

Is there anything changed since it was installed the first time? Yes, 2 things I have modified that do not affect performance, please read carefully so you understand exactly what's been changed. 1 Component that holds display onto handlebar has 1 broken part which has now been properly repaired and glued and mounted as shown in picture.

Fter riding for a month, I didn't like the idea of having an important part of the eBike just sitting on the front of the bike. The bag size is decent and compact. He zips feel very secure and professionally crafted, perfectly fits this model of the mountain bike.

This makes the bike look like a mountain bike on the handlebar (less stuff, less messy), and I can still ride the bike without having to check the display. 2 The battery bracket mount has been installed carefully so it does not vibrate much or shake when riding the bike. However, at some point during the first few days of riding the bike, one of the screws has been lost, and it was then that I decided to put 3 zip ties around it to keep it from vibrating. The battery is locked onto the mounting bracket securely, and the mounting bracket has been locked onto the bike frame securely. The battery can also be removed with its own keys supplied meaning no screws are needed to be removed to remove the battery.

I have never removed the battery or the mounting bracket unless I decided to clean the bike completely. The battery can be charged very easily without removing screws. That's all I consider to be faults, the motor, display, display controls and controller work perfectly. Everything works as it should, and it's very fun and very useful.

Huge discount offered when paid in cash. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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2000W eBike Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 58.8v 17Ah MTX HUB MOTOR

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